Beginning as EWG Industries, Co., Inc. in 1997, later transitioning to Weathercoat Phils., and becoming what it is today, Weather Protek is a service provider in the waterproofing and protective coatings industry which utilizes proven quality and widely used products from developed and emerging countries and bringing these quality products to the Philippines.

With many years in the industry, the experience garnered by our staff and personnel over the years have been extensive and varied both in protective coatings and waterproofing. Because of this, the company has gained the reputation of being a valuable service provider in the construction sector serving the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors all over the country. And beyond that, the company still aims to continually provide quality service to Filipinos nationwide.

Throughout the years and the changes our company has undergone, the strength in consistent quality products, expertise of people on the ground, and the commitment to deliver quality works and after sales services has remained.


Weather Protekis a leading service Provider in the waterproofing and Protective coating industry, using only proven quality and widely used products from the company is setting the pacein the Industry with the introduction and use of newer methodsfor waterproofing membrane application and protective coatings, such as Polyurea. This is a testament to the company’s commitment to enhance its reputation of being a valuable resource in the construction sector, serving the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors nationwide.

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to demonstrate our leadership in the industry:

  • Through early adoption of new technology;
  • Through innovation, and;
  • By enhancing our value through excellence in workmanship and service.

As we pursue our mission, we recognize the importance of performing our tasks with utmost concern for the environment and the safety of all stakeholders.

WeatherProtek aim to continuously improve its capability to meet current market and technology demands of both waterproofing and special coatings industries. We focus on accomplishing such aim through productive relationships with principal suppliers and business partners.

Weather Protekis committed to be the most professional waterproofing and protective coatings company now and in the years to come.

Ownership and Management

WeatherProtek is part of the CCJD Camarao Ventures Inc.,a corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The corporation engages in the business under the name and style weatherProtek and Judea Enterprises.

Through sound business acumen and high business ethics, the corporation prides itself of having a diversified portfolio of products and services. Aside from its waterproofing and protective coatings business, it has an established food manufacturing and trading business nationwide, as well as a pharmaceuticals distribution business.

Diversity in business interests demonstrates management’s versatility since it caters to a variety of markets and has strong capability to maintain focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Meet the Team

JUN C. CAMARAOPresident, CCJD Camarao Ventures Inc. and General Manager, WeatherProtek
Mr. Jun Camarao is a seasoned top executive gained from over 25 years of corporate experience with a British company. He specializes in commercial operations and financial management. His leader competencies were honed through years of handling a Business Unit, with over two hundred managers and staff in his previous company.
His entrepreneurial ventures were very successful as well. He has been Leading and managing the business operation of the company in food manufacturing and trading, and pharmaceuticals distributions. For the last 3 years, these businesses have enjoyed dramatic growth in revenues and market penetration.
LEA M. CAMARAOVice-President, CCJD Camarao Ventures, Inc. and Project Engineer, WeatherProtek
Enginer Lea Camarao possesses more than 10 years of industry experience gained from both the government and private sector. She had the experience of handling construction projects from design to execution. She also gained relevant engineering experience as District Engineer of the Philippine Ports Authority for Southern and Central Mindanao. During her stint, she received numerous commendations for outstanding performance from the Philippine Ports Authority and Department of Transportation and Communications.
ROSALY S. ESPINOSASales Admin & Finance Officer
Ms. Rosaly Epinosa is appointed as Finance Officer of the corporation. She is responsible for providing financial details of the company. She is given the critical task of monitoring projects from contact generation to project turnover. In the process, she makes sure that projects are undertaken based on contract agreements and schedules.
EDMOND R. PITOTechnical Sales & Operations
Mr. Edmond Pito possesses more than 20 years of experience in waterproofing and coatings systems. He previously worked as the operations Asst. Manager of EGW Industries Inc and later on as Operations Manager for WeathercoatPhils. Inc. He has the experience and capability to work alongside project engineers and key stakeholders to execute prescribed designs and solutions on waterproofing and protective coatings.

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